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09 December 2023
Tram Simulator Urban Transit Free Download Capa

Introducing Tram Simulator Urban Transit Free Download-Enjoy riding! Immerse yourself in the fascinating role of a tram driver and manager in the lively city of Angel Shores, created in the North American style based on the popular simulator 21 next bus stop. Explore the vibrant urban landscape filled with countless attractions by driving six different tram models, ranging from trendy elegant design to timeless classic charm. Transport passengers smoothly, follow traffic rules, and create your routes by carefully managing schedules to expand your tram network.

Key Functions:

Adventure on passenger transport:

  • Explore the angel beaches and drop off passengers at various stations.
  • Follow the traffic rules as you drive through the city.

Special tram control:

  • Each tram has a unique driving experience, providing a unique experience for each trip.

Dynamic weather conditions and traffic problems:

  • Face various weather conditions, day and night cycles, and overcome traffic obstacles.

Lucrative job:

  • Gain in the game through successful actions, learn the art of effective tram management.

Company management:

  • Take control of your tram company by scheduling, creating new stops, and expanding the railway network.

Reconstruction and expansion of tram fleet:

  • Upgrade and expand your tram flights to improve the gameplay.

Easy gameplay:

  • Learn all the details in the Driving School Guide or dive into the game mode of your choice.
  • Choose from a variety of game modes, including Story, career, and sandbox, with multiplayer possible for all three modes.

Cross-platform multiplayer:

  • Participate in cross-platform multiplayer, chat with friends via crossplay (steam and epic) on PC, and support cross-generation consoles (PS4 with PS5/ Xbox One with Xbox series X/s).

Gameplay summary:

Immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of the angel beaches and navigate the metropolitan traffic by driving six unique trams. Take direct part in urban transportation, ensuring that your passengers arrive at their destination on time through the busiest cities, similar to North American megacities.

Plan routes strategically and manage schedules:

This game is more than just tram driving, it focuses on strategic planning of routes and scheduling to optimize your transportation network. Take command, make the necessary stops, and improve your company by upgrading and expanding your tram fleet.

Play your way:

Urban transit tram simulator offers three different game modes. Launch story mode with more than 10 missions, immerse yourself in Career Mode with items open from the start, or enjoy the freedom of Sandbox Mode, driving, and planning without mission limitations or financial worries. In addition, join the multiplayer mode to collaborate and compete with other fans of tram simulator in truly exciting gameplay.

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