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27 July 2023
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Let’s! Revolution! Free Download (v1.2.20)

Let's! Revolution! is a colorful roguelike puzzle mashup where you must stop a narcissistic King from destroying your kingdom. To find your way to the King, you'll need to flip tiles. Using deduction, you must find ways to dodge his henchmen or strategically dispatch them one by one in a turn-based battle.

Welcome to Let's Revolution Game, a cutting-edge and exhilarating gaming environment that will test your abilities, spark your creativity, and push the limits of what's conceivable in the world of virtual entertainment. Let's! Revolution, created by a group of innovative thinkers using cutting-edge technology, promises to change the game business and provide players everywhere with an exciting journey.


Revolution, let's do it! The game is set in a far-off future in which tremendous technological breakthroughs have caused a significant shift in the globe. Players are dropped into the center of the huge metropolis known as "NeoGenesis" in this cyberpunk-inspired world. NeoGenesis pulses with neon lights, towering buildings, and a seedy underbelly of tyranny.

The rebel force known as "The Vanguard" battles the evil "Corporation X" to overthrow its harsh rule in the game's plot. NeoGenesis is under the whole control of this evil organization, which perverts society, stifles freedom, and makes money by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Players assume the position of a "Cyberlinker," a person with the capacity to fuse their consciousness with computer interfaces, giving them amazing powers and unmatched access to the virtual world, as a recently recruited member of The Vanguard. The players must use their newly acquired talents and powers to guide The Vanguard in their quest to overthrow Corporation X and free NeoGenesis from its tyrannical rule.


Revolution, let's do it! Action, exploration, and strategic decision-making are all combined into a compelling and dynamic gaming experience in the game. While exploring NeoGenesis' bustling streets, players will unearth hidden information and form allies with other rebels. The wide and open game world offers players a sandbox setting to explore, engage with NPCs, and complete a variety of quests.

The Cyberlinker skills are the gameplay's central component. Players can enter "The Nexus," a virtual world where they can influence and change the virtual environment. Players have access to strong skills inside The Nexus, like remote control of machines, security system hacking, building virtual structures, and even mind control over foes.

Players engage in heated confrontations against Corporation X's security troops and cutting-edge drones in the game's fast-paced and thrilling combat. In order to win a battle, players can use their Cyberlinker skills while combining reflexes and strategy. Additionally, as they advance, players may alter the capabilities of their Cyberlinker, adjusting their playstyle to suit their tastes.

Let's! Revolution! offers a variety of side missions, challenges, and activities in addition to the main plot. In addition to deepening the game's narrative, these tasks provide rewards and chances to upgrade your Cyberlinker's abilities and gear.

Social and multiplayer features:

The game has a powerful multiplayer element that enables users to form alliances with local friends or gamers from around the globe. The players' cooperation and coordination will be put to the test in cooperative missions, and they may compete with one another to show off their abilities in competitive modes.

Additionally, social tools have been incorporated by the designers to strengthen the game's sense of community. Players can create or join "Resistances," player-driven groups that contend with one another for influence and control over various NeoGenesis domains. In the gaming environment, participants may also communicate in a virtual social center where they can trade goods, have conversations, and show off their accomplishments.

Sound and image:

Beautiful visuals in the game vividly depict the future city of NeoGenesis. The neon-lit streets, towering buildings, and bright cyberpunk aesthetics make for an arresting visual experience.

A compelling soundtrack that perfectly encapsulates the cyberpunk aesthetic supports the pictures. The soundtrack creates the atmosphere, drawing players farther into the game's environment and enhancing their emotions at pivotal times.


The experience that takes players to a fascinating cyberpunk world is more than simply a game; it is a place of action, adventure, and fellowship. You will learn what it actually means to fight for freedom and effect change in a world controlled by repressive forces as you harness the power of your Cyberlinker talents. Are you prepared to go out on this historic quest, learn the truth about Corporation X, and guide The Vanguard to a better future for NeoGenesis? Join the opposition, tap into your inner strength, and let the revolution begin!


  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Intel CPU 2.3 GHz or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better (2GB or more of VRAM)
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 4 GB available space


  • Genre: Indie, Strategy
  • Developer: BUCK, Antfood
  • Platform: PC
  • Version: v1.2.20 | Full Version
  • Pre-Installed Game

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