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30 January 2024
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Berlin, Germany United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS) take advantage of information provided to them by the underground German resistance against the Third Reich. The launch of OSS operation Wolf's Head, where the best marksmen hide among a rally in honor of Adolf Hitler. Thousands of spectators wave and cheer as the blue Mercedes convertible carrying the leader of the Third Reich makes its way through the Berlin city meeting. Gunshots are heard, and people scream. Panicked, several German officers run towards the convertible. There, they see Adolf Hitler with two bullets in his head. A man shouts "he's dead!" July 21, 1942 Thousands of Germans are detained and interrogated by furious German leaders. The German army learns of Operation Wolf's Head and decides to abandon its plans to invade Russia. The Germans convince their Axis Japan allies to launch an invasion against two of the United States of America. Germany will attack from the East, while Japan is going to invade the West. The United States army must defend their country from the Assault on the United States.

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