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30 January 2024
Download So Blonde Lost in the Caribbean Torrent Capa

Through the vast terrain of graphic adventure we have seen everything happen: police dogs and rabbits, pirates, detectives, undead, lawyers and even astronauts have sometimes sneaked into the plot of our favorite genre. We thought we had already seen everything, but what never crossed our minds was that we were going to have a posh blonde as the protagonist of our games.

This was the surprising announcement with which Wizarbox was announced, a French company that was debuting as a developer although it already had experience editing video game conversions between platforms. One of the greatest assets it had was the support of Steve Ince, screenwriter of the Broken Sword saga, who embarked on this strange and unexpected project with the commitment to bring us a humorous adventure like few others had seen before.

After several months of waiting, we have finally been able to taste the much vaunted "So Blonde: Lost in the Caribbean", and now we have the opportunity to see how the studio that will also sign Jane Jensen's next and long-awaited adventure, "Gray Matter." Let's take a look at the edition that Planeta DeAgostini put on sale last November for PC, as we remember that its own version for Wii will soon be released, which is promised to be slightly different from the one we are analyzing today.

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