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30 January 2024
Download Ports Of Call Deluxe Torrent Capa

It's been 20 years since a PC game captured the hearts of strategy and simulation game fans. Finally, Ports of Call, the classic, arrives in 3D in a completely revised version. Immerse yourself in a complex mix of trading and 3D ship simulation. In Ports of Call Deluxe you start out as the owner of a small cargo ship and work your way to the top of the maritime logistics business through skill and smart trading. From your virtual office direct, coordinate and document cargo and your commercial exchanges, build your own fleet and let your empire grow. Manage your fleet and your bank account! You will have to face a series of challenges and scenarios as you make your way through the maritime world, while encountering unexpected events, from icebergs to pirates. Includes a tutorial in which you can pilot the Queen Mary 2 and a Hovercraft.

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