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30 January 2024
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Overlord: The Dark Legend, designed and developed exclusively for Wii, is a new adventure steeped in fairy tale tradition with ironic and gloomy touches. It is set in a time before the original edition and players step into the shoes of a new, young Overlord. Our apprentice tyrant will enjoy giving orders to his minions and will be able to discharge the typical punishments of his age by taking it out on the villagers, while protecting his castle and his territory.

Connecting players to the game's three-dimensional world, the Wii Remote lets you command minions with more control than ever before. For example, you can take out a single henchman from your troop, grab him by the neck, and then, vigorously shaking the controller, strangle him to imbue him with the powers of the Overlord and turn him into a real missile, which you can direct towards your enemies. The body of this crazy bug is explosive, so the consequences will be lethal... and to die for laughing.
In the game, which is based on a humorous script by the award-winning Rhianna Pratchett, you will encounter old acquaintances, such as halflings, trolls, elves and dwarves, along with other new characters, such as evil witches, men Gingerbread and Little Red Riding Hood, who seems like a good girl but hides a very personal wolfish secret.

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