Download Defenders Of Ardania Torrent

30 January 2024
Download Defenders Of Ardania Torrent Capa

There are many tower defense games, even this one is based on the classic Majesty. But we always worry about not being attacked, how about being the person who initiates the action? This time we will be the enemies who want to destroy said tower, let's put an end to the soldiers' efforts to defend it.
Defend with your towers, and attack them so they don't come back.

The game is not simply a continuous wait on the part of the player for the enemy troops to advance, meet the defenses and die one by one. The system invites the player to strike back using his own army, either against the computer or against other human beings in online mode.
In this way, 'Defenders of Ardania' presents an immersive and deep game world, with three unique races and scenarios set in them. There will be 24 types of towers that can be improved and developed to prevent rivals from conquering our lands, and another 24 units to counterattack with them.

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