Download Cognition Episode 4 The Cain Killer Torrent

30 January 2024
Download Cognition Episode 4 The Cain Killer Torrent Capa

An episodic detective game, Cognition: An Erica Reed thriller is a supernatural thriller developed with the help of renowned designer Jane Jensen, and visual graphic novel style created by comic book artist Romano Molenaar.

Three years ago, FBI agent Erica Reed lost her brother to a serial killer who was never caught. During this desperate investigation, she developed the strange and unpredictable power of post-knowledge: by touching an object, she can see the past of it and the events that happened in, towards, or around it. While certainly useful in her line of work, this ability of hers makes her uncomfortable and has caused her problems professionally and personally. Now, a new serial killer is afoot - leaving behind clues perfectly tailored to Agent Reed's unique abilities. Has anyone learned the secret from her? What do they want from her? More importantly: by working this case, will Erica finally uncover enough evidence to bring her brother's killer to justice?

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